Varför VTT

Speed, commitment and leading edge expertise

VTT’s offering is the result of a conscious attention to focus. Our role is that of a specialist, not a generalist.

But we have deliberately chosen to focus on two things, in two dedicated departments: One of these is aimed at leading-edge expertise in prototyping, tools and special applications, while the other concerns know how and muscle when it comes to machine building, contract manufacturing, positioners and handling equipment.

Things work better this way. Instead of mixing skills we choose to let each component company continue to develop its strengths. Much like two brain hemispheres, each with equally important jobs: Speed AND capacity. Creativity AND experience. Leading edge expertise AND versatility.

But that’s not all. Common VTT characteristics are our commitment, our unswerving desire to provide fast, personal service, reliable logistics & deliveries and the highest quality. Whether it’s the design and production of a single specially developed prototype or the series production of thousands of units. It’s why more and more companies are choosing VTT. Why not join them?

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