Specialist manufacturing
Your partner for machining

VTT is expert at manufacturing high quality components, tools, prototypes and machining all kinds of materials. Our customers include manufacturing companies in a variety of industries who turn to us to develop ideas, solve problems and produce single units or a small number of units.

We work every day with the specialist manufacture of components, products and tools. From precision engineering to heavy machining. Speed ​and quality are our hallmarks.

Our unique expertise in single-unit manufacturing, short runs and quick turnaround times has led to a great number of repeat customers who choose VTT when it comes to specialist production. Here is a selection of typical assignments:

  • Machining of all kinds of materials
  • Component manufacture in short or long series
  • The production of moulds and blanking dies
  • Jigs, fixtures and positioners
  • Special machines for optical measurement, etc.
  • Special tools for the automotive industry
  • Special solutions for the space industry
  • Extrusion tools for one or two materials (CO extrusion)
  • Moulds for polymers, rubber and thermoset plastics
  • Blanking dies and bending tools
  • Spark erosion and wire EDM, hardening etc.
  • Contract work in most materials
  • Repairs, service and maintenance of tools and fixtures

Production partner

What’s more, VTT has extensive human resources and leading-edge expertise in contract manufacturing, machine building and positioners. With VTT as your production partner you enjoy direct contact with specialists in each area, and can let VTT manage everything from sourcing, contract manufacturing, assembly, spare parts and warehousing. For further information, see Production.

The brain’s third hemisphere

Historically, VTT is the result of a merger between two distinguished industrial companies (Vetab and Teamteknik), and this continues to bring advantages. We deliberately allow each part of the company to continue developing their strengths, much like brain hemispheres with two equally important tasks. This not only means we enjoy twice the specialist focus, but also a third brain hemisphere that is the seat of the shared values which provide our customers with even more benefits. Read more here.

Some of our clients