Human resources that boost your competitiveness

VTT has specialist expertise and human resources within contract manufacturing, machine building and positioners. We’ve been manufacturing components and products since the beginning of the 1970s. You have direct contact with specialists in each area of expertise who can help you find the best solution, both from a product and production point of view. In addition to our own specialist know how, we have an extensive, secure network of subcontractors for supplementary technologies. Together we form a collaborative partnership that is beyond the norm.

With VTT as your partner, you can concentrate on your core business. Our philosophy is always freedom of choice. As a VTT customer, you get to choose the level that best suits your company’s current needs and then develop our collaboration in line with your need to grow or change.

Customer confidence in us also grows with our delivery performance, as do the size and scope of assignments. For the long term, there is also the opportunity of allowing VTT to handle everything, i.e. we take care of purchasing, spare parts and warehousing so you can focus on your core business to an even greater extent. To this end, we have large purpose-built premises and extensive experience in practical, logistics solutions.

We want to make everyday life easier for you, through close, efficient collaboration.

Specialist manufacturing

VTT is also expert at manufacturing high quality components, tools, prototypes and machining all kinds of materials. Our clients turn to us to develop ideas and produce a single or a small number of units. We possess unique skills when it comes to short series and fast turnaround times. For further information, see Specialist manufacturing.

The brain’s third hemisphere

Historically, VTT is the result of a merger between two distinguished industrial companies (Vetab and Teamteknik), and this continues to bring advantages. We deliberately allow each part of the company to continue developing their strengths, much like brain hemispheres with two equally important tasks. This not only means we enjoy twice the specialist focus, but also a third brain hemisphere that is the seat of the shared values which provide our customers with even more benefits. Read more here.

Some of our clients